A Year of Record Highs in an Energy-Hungry World: Energy Institute Statistical Review

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The Energy Institute (EI), in collaboration with KPMG and Kearney, proudly presents the 73rd annual edition of the Statistical Review of World Energy. For the first time, we unveil wide-ranging global energy data for 2023, a year marked by unprecedented highs and transformative shifts.

On 20 June, Simon Virley CB FEI, KPMG in the UK’s Vice Chair and Head of Energy and Natural Resources, joined a discussion as part of the live launch event for the report. The panelists had a thought-provoking discussion on the latest trends in energy production, consumption and emissions from the prior year.

You can now download the 2024 Statistical Review of World Energy and watch the session on demand by clicking below.

Key Insights from the 2023 Energy Data:

Record-Breaking Energy Consumption and Emissions

  • Historic Energy Consumption: Global primary energy consumption overall was at a record absolute high, up 2% on the previous year to 620 Exajoules (EJ).
  • Emissions and Fossil Fuel Use: Despite a year of extraordinary growth in renewables, fossil fuel consumption and emissions reached new peaks.
  • Renewable Energy Surge: Competitive wind and solar power drove record renewable energy generation.

Regional Energy Dynamics

Advanced Economies:

Growth Economies:

China's Energy Transition:

Peak Fossil Fuel Demand? Europe saw fossil fuel usage drop below 70% for the first time since the industrial revolution. The US saw a slight decline in fossil fuel consumption to just over 80% of its primary energy.


Rising Carbon Intensity: Fossil fuel use is accelerating in India and many African nations, outpacing the growth of renewables.

India's Coal Consumption: For the first time, India's coal use surpassed that of North America and Europe combined.

Decreasing Fossil Fuel Proportion: The share of fossil fuels in China's primary energy mix has been decreasing since 2011, though absolute consumption remains high.

Renewable Energy Growth: Global primary energy consumption overall was at a record absolute high, up 2% on the previous year to 620 Exajoules (EJ).


Critical Metals and Minerals for the Energy Transition

Copper and Battery Minerals:

China's Dominance:

Steady Growth: Copper production has grown at just under 2% annually over the past decade.

Battery Technology Minerals: Minerals essential for batteries, like lithium and graphite, continue to see robust growth.

Leading Producer and Consumer: China leads in the production and consumption of refined cobalt, vital for lithium-ion batteries, and supplies significant portions of the world's lithium and graphite.


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