We are delighted to share our 2021 Guide to Directors' Remuneration.

In this edition, we get a clearer view of the impact of decisions taken on executive remuneration as a result of the pandemic. Particularly, the number of companies that received no bonus payout or no salary increase have increased since the 2020 edition of this publication. There is also a higher number of companies with shareholder’s vote against their remuneration reports in the 2021 AGM season. This, alongside developments around environmental, social and governance (ESG), fair pay and IDSE agenda will no doubt continue as we move into 2022 and beyond as regulators and shareholders seek to hold boards and remuneration committees accountable.

In the below video, Chris Barnes discusses the highlights from our survey. 

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Our latest guide to Directors’ Remuneration provides an overview of total executive pay packages for FTSE 350 companies, including basic salary and incentives as well as a review of non-executive director remuneration updated regulatory requirements and renewed remuneration guidelines. The report uses data published by companies up to 30 June 2021.

Download our guide for the full analysis of the latest trends in Directors’ Remuneration