Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a model that enables greater planning accuracy and operational performance by aligning strategic planning, finance, supply chain, sales, marketing and product development functions. It is this alignment that drives real corporate performance like earnings per share, operating margin, and working capital.

Executives use IBP to evaluate plans and activities based on the economic impact of each consideration. Those business decisions are aided by current financial and operational performance through dashboards and reporting, identifying specific levers that require immediate focus to address potential financial shortfalls and recommending redress strategies, if plans are jeopardised.

A strong integrated business planning process can help provide:

  • Aligned financial and operations plans
  • A formal cycle for proactive executive review and commitment
  • Ownership and accountability in all areas and levels of the organization
  • Sales, inventory, and production plans reviewed by all areas
  • Goals focused on business performance
  • Enhanced revenue, reduced operating expense, and improved shareholder value

KPMG and Oracle thought leadership: The time is now? The future of Integrated Business Planning

In today’s highly uncertain conditions, effective business planning has become more critical than ever. What is holding organisations back from implementing Integrated Business Planning (IBP) more successfully?

Read our new report developed in collaboration with Oracle to find out how IBP is supposed to work, benefits it brings, what are the barriers to its implementation, who should own it and the role of cloud based solutions..

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