Navigating our new reality has been a real game-changer. It has revealed a growing digital divide between businesses that were already down the path of transformation and others struggling to keep pace.

Surviving in the new reality requires businesses to deliver at speeds today’s customers expect. To accomplish this, the way IT operates must be reimagined. It needs to employ an operating model that is agile, dynamic, and adaptive to both business needs and market demands in order to deliver at varying speeds and scale.

This market speed operating model must be portfolio driven – meaning from how people are organised and governed all through to the technology architecture that supports it – and designed around the specific value streams of the business and its unique velocities, attributes, and characteristics.

In a hyper-connected world, IT needs to deliver on the promise of the connected enterprise. The Future of IT is about removing friction and adding new capabilities to enable a front, middle, and back-office that is laser-focused on a profitable, customer-centric, digitally-enabled business.

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5 areas IT needs to address:

  • Adaptive IT workforce
    Combine business, technical and virtual skills to create an ecosystem of talent.
  • Customer trust
    Build technical trust with an IT function that serves and protects customers and manages technology risk.
  • Data as an asset
    Unlock the value of information with a data-capable workforce that uses new tools and data sources to create business insights.
  • Dynamic investment
    Adjust financial policies to account for new ways of working and show the connection between IT spend and business value.
  • Modern delivery
    Leverage modern delivery techniques, like Product Management, Scaled Agile, and DevSecOps, to accelerate design and secure delivery of key products.