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Sacha Sadan, Director of Investment Stewardship at Legal and General Investment Management (LGIM) offered our FTSE100 audit and risk chairs’ group his perspectives on how businesses can communicate better with their investors; both equity and fixed income, and sheds light on why this is so crucial for success.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting was front and centre in the discussion. If ESG is not the only priority, Sacha is clear that it is one of the largest. ESG issues are broad and while Governance has always been a top priority for UK companies, boards often struggle to articulate their strategy, risk and performance when it comes to Environmental and Social matters –particularly the opportunities.

Companies, and their boards, he asserts, must take advantage of the opportunities associated with ESG –for those who don’t, it will be their downfall. Sacha called for much greater transparency across the capital markets, and noted that LGIM are in a unique position to help drive that change by more effectively engaging with boards.

In this paper we summarise Sacha’s key asks of boards looking to engage with investors and take full advantage of the imminent and inevitable transformation of annual reporting: ‘Conversation with Sacha Sadan