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UK energy leaders discuss the energy transition

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Future of energy: Interviews with executives from BP, Ørsted and Electron

BP: the energy transition demands a more integrated and synergistic approach to succeed

Energy transition no longer means replacing one system with another – as it has been in the past. Over the last 15 years, the evolution of the energy sector has seen a push towards a blended energy mix. For energy transformation to succeed, the industry must become more integrated and complementary, says Dev Sanyal, Chief Executive, Alternative Energy and Executive Vice President, Regions at BP. And to cope with peak demand, factors such as sustainability, security and affordability are paramount to long-term success.

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Ørsted: Transitioning to a clean energy company

Anticipating and positioning your business in the low carbon economy raises some difficult challenges. Managing Director, Orsted, Matthew Wright talks about how Orsted is divesting its fossil fuel heritage to a green energy company in order to thrive in the energy transition.

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Electron: How energy companies can use new tech to win over consumers in the energy transition

All energy companies need to consider digital challenges, including how to keep customer data safe across a range of platforms and the wider issue of gaining consent for how customers’ data is being used. CEO, Electron, Paul Massara talk about how new technologies can help keep costs down for customers and safeguard their data, to help some of the challenges businesses face in the energy transition.

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Low carbon energy will drive a new generation of talent in the oil industry

Luci Love, Director in People & Change at KPMG UK, explores how low carbon energy is a key pillar of talent value proposition for the oil and gas industry

One of the largest challenges facing all of today’s oil and gas majors is how to navigate the Energy Transition – the transformation of the global energy sector from fossil-based to lower-carbon fuels by the second half of this century. It’s a paradigm shift that will call for new skills and talent, as well as behaviours, the specifications of which are only just starting to emerge.

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The digital revolution is reshaping energy transition

Dev Sanyal, Chief Executive, Alternative Energy and Executive Vice President, Regions at BP, reflects on the transformative impact of technology in the energy sector

Implementing innovative technology to accelerate energy transformation

Technology is making energy more accessible, creating new opportunities and business models, and intensifying the competition across traditional and new forms of energy, suggests Dev Sanyal, Chief Executive, Alternative Energy and Executive Vice President, Regions at BP.

Climate change, all change?

Oil and gas companies in the transformation to a low carbon economy

The move to a low carbon economy raises some difficult challenges for oil and gas executives as they anticipate and position themselves in the energy industry of the future. That’s why we asked Beth Mitchell, specialist advisor for oil and gas sector, to assess the risks, challenges and opportunities for the oil and gas industry when facing the energy transition.

The benefits and limitations of a gas-weighted energy portfolio

Gas has always been muted as the transition fuel. Beth Mitchell discusses the pros and cons with Emma Wild, Head of Upstream practice, at KPMG UK

For the global economy, gas provides a universal opportunity to limit climate change and reduce air pollution. Companies in the energy sector are implementing large investment programmes in gas facilities in response. However, gas energy is not without its drawbacks, as Beth Mitchell says in the video interview. The cost of transportation poses a huge obstacle for the sector, and the demand for advanced technology to overcome it, has never been greater.

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Simon Virley CB FEI

Simon Virley CB FEI

UK Head of Energy and Natural Resources, KPMG in the UK

Simon was Director General for Energy Markets and Infrastructure at the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change between 2009-2015. In that role, he advised Government on oil and gas, nuclear, decentralised energy, retail markets, and energy security issues. He now leads the KPMG Energy and Natural Resources Practice in the UK.

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Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews

UK Head of Oil and Gas, KPMG in the UK

Mark is transaction services specialist in the oil and gas sector and leads the Oil and Gas Practice in the UK.

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Andy Cox

Andy Cox

Partner, UK Chair of Energy & Natural Resources, KPMG in the UK

Andy is UK Chair of Energy and Natural Resources and advises a range of oil and gas and power and utilities clients. He specialises in M&A advice to Corporates, Infrastructure Funds, Major Asian investors and Private Equity.

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