Growing online content consumption has put many traditional media companies in a critical position. The digitalisation of music, news and TV has given rise to new entrants. These data-driven and targeted players are cannibalising established business models. Their rise has compelled traditional media companies to adapt.

To compete, media businesses now need to rethink their revenue streams while adapting to a consumer with changed preferences. A key challenge is to create a new digital model at speed. It requires expertise in technology and an understanding of what end users want.

While adapting to new market conditions, there are threats to be wary of and promising opportunities to pursue. We can support you in identifying the former and making the most of the latter. We can help you establish direct relationships with customers and understand their needs and habits. We advise on what key sector trends mean for your business and create a viable plan for successful transformation.

How we help media organisations

We have extensive experience in advising media companies on a range of business critical events. Our experience in cloud-based technology is a major strength in transforming your business. We can assist you in moving away from legacy systems without the upheaval typically associated with IT innovation. We also use data analytics to find unique insights for your audience. Our approach combines the experience of our global media network with strategies across multiple sectors. Ultimately, we can support you to create the foundations for sustained growth and success.


Our media insights