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KPMG Managed Services for Government

The delivery challenge facing government is at an unprecedented high. Despite ever increasing pressure, operational leaders are constrained in their ability to respond.

Budget and resourcing challenges, workforce skills gaps and technology deficits, increasing demand and high caseloads all serve to make it ever more complex to get back on track.

But there is another way. We have been working with organisations for over 25 years to take on and run clients’ operational processes in a range of areas.

How does it work?

In order to clear backlogs effectively and efficiently, we bring together the best of KPMG into a single solution. 

  • Our extensive expertise in standing up and running large operations across multiple industries and business areas, has enabled us to develop clear criteria on where and when a ‘win/win’ outcome is most likely. We use this to identify where there is opportunity within your operations to alleviate pressures
  • Our operational centres give us access to over 2500 skilled resources allowing us to rapidly mobilise operations in a controlled manager
  • Leveraging data, technology platform and applications combined with our public sector insight and ethos, we create a customised solution delivered through an initial 3 month pilot process on a ‘no regrets’ basis
  • Once the backlogs have been dealt with, and the organisation is ready, the enhanced service and improved process is integrated back into the BAU work of the organisation
Backlog management as a service can...

Momentum and value that goes beyond

 As your transformation partner, we guide you on the ongoing journey, using our advanced technology, deep functional and sector expertise, and operational excellence for knowledge-intensive processes to take you further.

Beyond the back office

The opportunities for sustainable transformation exist in high-value areas throughout your business—both noncore and core, in the front, middle, and back office. That’s why our services reach across the spectrum.

Beyond cost savings

Our scalable services have cut organisations total cost of operations by 15 to 45 percent, and that’s just the beginning. With deep domain knowledge, data management, and smart analytics, we help you tap new kinds of outcomes, such as faster speed to response, improved forecasting, stakeholder trust, and operational resilience.

Beyond tech alone

The most successful transformations are tech-enabled but strategy-led. So we bring the right technology, plus renowned expertise across functions, processes, and industries, plus strong experience in change management to ensure the full value of the transformation is realised and embedded for the future.

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