Real estate is driven by the needs of companies across all other sectors. Macro trends have a resulting impact on the space that people and companies require.

The industry has seen high levels of capital allocated to real estate investment. With increased competition, many investors have diversified. Others have deployed their capital across expanding geographies and asset uses. ‘Alternative’ assets are now mainstream. And many investors now invest and operate across various asset classes. Risks such as regulation, taxation and political influence affect investment vehicle structures. These remain an ongoing consideration in strategic planning.

Recent events heightened the downturn on high street retail. Operational challenges for hotels and student accommodation are clear. And there is rising uncertainty around the future of the office building. This has led to an increasing focus on ESG, logistics and technology. The speed with which every business is having to adapt presents you with a significant opportunity. One where you can engage with the users of your space. And transform the traditional operating model.

We have acquired experience, knowledge and insights across the real estate sector through delivering tax, assurance and advisory services. Having such a solid foundation on your side is essential amid the changing landscape.

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