In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, asset managers are experiencing increasing pressure to deliver superior returns while simultaneously managing costs and enhancing value for their clients. Faced with heightened competition, regulatory changes, and shifting investor preferences, reducing cost and increasing value are critical for success.

With this backdrop it is no wonder why asset management leaders are grappling with what seem like conflicting priorities of driving down cost and the need to demonstrate results and deliver value. It is time for a strategic approach.

How can KPMG support you?

We bring an enterprise-wide, long-term perspective on how to transform asset management firms for a challenging market. We believe a strategic approach is required to:

  • Identify all the value and cost opportunities at your disposal, holistically;
  • answer, and deal with, the difficult questions leaders face when embarking on value and cost initiatives; and,
  • refine, prioritise and execute opportunities in the right way – never losing sight of the end result needed.


Our asset management cost and value services include:

  • Strategy and advisory services
  • Tax relief and incentives
  • Programme value and cost management
  • Change and people management
  • Target operating model
  • Portfolio management 

Case Studies