Gary Harley

Head of Corporates, Tax, Pension & Legal

KPMG in the UK

Gary has been with KPMG since 1999 having previously worked at EY for 10 years and HM Revenue & Customs for three years.

Gary has considerable experience of advising clients on the effective structuring and management of VAT on a multi-national basis. He has also led many national and international projects across a range of industry sectors; focusing on risk management, value creation and ironing out the complexities of managing VAT across multiple markets.

Gary has worked with clients to develop their global tax strategy taking account of structure, organisation and KPIs, to embed the appropriate process and controls in the underlying business. He has written articles for international and domestic publications (tax and finance) on the emerging best practice for management of transaction taxes in multi-national businesses.

  • Audi
  • Corporate Tax
  • Financial Services
  • Legal Services
  • National Markets
  • Revenue Authority Audits
  • Tax
  • Audit, Corporate Tax, Financial Services

  • National Markets, Revenue Authority Audits, Tax