150 years of KPMG in the UK

We're marking 150 years of KPMG in the UK

That's 150 years of our firm supporting businesses to grow, supporting our people to achieve and supporting our communities to thrive.

On these pages, you can uncover the story of our firm. You'll see where we came from, what we've done and what we believe will shape our future.


Explore our history

These are the people, the businesses and the ideas which made us.

William Barclay Peat
Allsopp & Sons brewery
The Channel Tunnel
KPMG360° apprenticeship scheme

Today and tomorrow

William Barclay Peat left an extraordinary legacy and it's the privilege of those of us working in the firm today, both to protect that legacy and move it forward.

Our rich history is a source of pride and it's also a challenge. We want to write the next chapter of our story with the same confidence and ambition as the men and women who came before us.

It's a fascinating time for our firm. Meet a few of the people who are shaping our future.


Supporting Britain and business

We know that trust is the foundation on which our future growth will be built. Trust and growth guide the way we operate in every part of the business.


We're remodelling our audit practice because we want to enhance public trust in auditing.

  • We're investing heavily
  • We're recruiting at a record rate
  • We're equipping our people with the right technology and tools to do high-quality work

We see this work as crucial not only to the future of our firm but to the future of our wider economy. Company audits are the rivets in our economy, binding enterprise to investment. The trust they provide underpins our capital markets.


In our non-audit business, we're reshaping the way we work to deliver entirely new kinds of solutions. Businesses want an answer to their problem delivered, complete.

  • We're making big upfront investments
  • We're working closely with specialist alliance partners
  • We're building technology and processes from scratch

We call these our Integrated Solutions and we're pivoting towards them across the firm.


And you'll find that the beating heart of our firm remains in our offices around the UK. Our strategy is focused on the most exciting and fastest-growing private capital businesses. These companies play a vital role in our firm and a vital role in UK society – the more they succeed, the more balanced our country becomes.

Supporting our people and communities

Firms as big as ours are a phenomenon of recent times – we are over 16,000 people in the UK. Our people trust the firm with their careers and we want society to trust our people to make a difference.


On their first day in the firm, we explain to every new starter that diversity of thought is essential to our success. Gender, ethnicity, identity, background or beliefs shouldn't create barriers to anyone's progress, and we're working hard to make sure they don't.

  • Across the past three years, we’ve been consistently ranked one of the UK's top employers for social mobility
  • In 2019, our partner promotions were gender balanced
  • We've achieved a 50/50 gender split on our UK Board for the first time

We've been masters of adaption over our history. And we know there’s more to do to make our business as inclusive and diverse as possible. We will keep working to create the open, accessible firm that we all want.


The contribution we make to our communities is as important to us as our client work. All our people are given up to six days leave to volunteer, every year.

  • We give our skills, as well as our time
  • We focus on the areas where we believe we can have the biggest impact - tackling disadvantage and creating positive climate action
  • 3,500 people volunteered from the firm last year, in schools, charities and social enterprises
  • We're on target to raise £1.5m for the NSPCC by autumn 2020

We have to earn, and keep, the trust of our colleagues and our communities before we can do anything else. Today more than any time in our history, making the right contribution is crucial.

The road ahead

We're preparing the way for the generations who will follow us.

We're investing in the future of our business, we're pioneering new technology for our clients and we're building a stronger firm. We're doing it all so that for the next 150 years, this firm can still be here, supporting our people, our communities and the UK.