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In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the cloud sector has emerged as a driving force of innovation and transformation. Recognising the untapped potential of women in this field, KPMG's Women in Cloud community was launched with a mission to empower women and foster their success in the cloud industry. This blog aims to shed light on the community's initiatives and its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the cloud sector.

According to the World Economic Forum, 14% of women make up the Cloud workforce worldwide. This has only improved by 0.2 percentage points from 2018.

Gartner predicts that the Cloud Market is worth $600 billion as of 2023.

  • Grown by over $100million in 1 year
  • Expectation that the market will be worth $800million by 2025

Empowering Women

At the heart of the Women in Cloud community lies the unwavering commitment to empowering women and providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and support to excel in the cloud sector. This includes:

  1. Mentorship: The community has launched a mentorship program that connects experienced cloud professionals with those seeking guidance and support. This program provides a platform for women to gain valuable insights, learn from industry experts, and navigate their career paths effectively
  2. Cloud Training and Skill Development: Recognising the importance of technical expertise, the community offers cloud training and skill development opportunities to enhance women's technical capabilities and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving cloud landscape
  3. Innovation: The community encourages women to embrace innovative ideas and solutions, positioning them as key contributors to the evolution of cloud technology. This fosters a culture of creativity and innovation, allowing women to showcase their talents and make a significant impact in the industry

Diversity and Inclusion

The Women in Cloud community is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where all individuals are valued and welcomed. This commitment is reflected in the following initiatives:

  1. Networking and Collaboration: The community provides a platform for women to connect, network, and collaborate with like-minded individuals. This creates a supportive ecosystem where women can share experiences, learn from each other, and build meaningful professional relationships
  2. Challenging the Status Quo: The community actively challenges the status quo and advocates for gender equality in the cloud sector. By raising awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion, the community strives to break down barriers and create a more equitable environment for women
  3. Sharing Success: The community provides a platform for women to share their success stories and insights, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and achieve their full potential in the cloud industry

Personal reflection

As a woman who has witnessed the transformative power of technology throughout my career, I am passionate about supporting the next generation of women in the cloud sector. From the early days of my career to the present, I have seen first-hand the incredible technological advancements that have reshaped our world. I am committed to sharing my experiences, learning from others, and harnessing the power of technology to create a brighter, more prosperous future for all.


The Women in Cloud community stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for women in the cloud sector. Through its unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion, the community provides a supportive environment where women can thrive, innovate, and achieve their full potential. Together, we can break down barriers, challenge the status quo, and shape a future where women are recognised as key players in the ever-evolving cloud landscape.