• Ian Taylor, Director |
  • Ryan Stodart, Manager |
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Our Digital Assets Industry Roundtables bring together leaders and experts from across the industry, from both leading digital assets and traditional finance firms, to explore the opportunities and challenges the digital assets industry faces. KPMG intends to organise such roundtables to facilitate a forum for discussion and debate, and ultimately to allow market participants to engage directly with one another to find solutions and collaborate on opportunities.

Our most recent event co-facilitated with Zodia Markets this autumn involved stakeholders from across the market, including, buy-side, sell side, custodians, and financial market infrastructure. The session covered a variety of topics including the evolving regulatory environment in the UK, the maturity of and opportunities in the product and service landscape, and key challenges that the industry faces.

The output from our latest roundtable is summarised into 5 broad themes:

  • Digital assets terminology and market maturation
  • Global digital assets regulatory landscape
  • Digital assets opportunities: products and services
  • Industry challenges
  • Digital assets – the road ahead

Read our full report here to get detailed insights on the themes and discussions. Our upcoming quarterly roundtables in 2024 will focus on the themes in more detail with diverse representation. Please do get in touch if you would like to participate in these roundtables.