• Priya Raju, Director |
  • Daryl Elfield, Partner |
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Digital transformation is redefining the growth potential for businesses. In my work with clients, I see how technology is helping organisations solve complex challenges, drive collaboration and generate more value for all stakeholders. In fact, given the pace of change and outcomes from transformation, those who don’t make it a priority risk getting left behind.

Many leaders have embarked on transformation journeys after factoring in the compounding benefits. It’s clear new technologies are adding value with improved efficiency, quality of products and services and subsequently customer satisfaction.

In the KPMG 2022 global tech report, our survey of over 2,200 executives globally, 61 per cent expect to embrace most new technology platforms within the next two years while most respondents indicated a high return on investment from digital transformation in the last two years. And I continue to see many of them making future-focussed technology investments.

However, transformation journeys continue to be challenging. From navigating cyber security concerns and cost pressures to digital skills gap, successful transformation is a test for even seasoned leaders. Add to this changing business requirements and a tough external environment.

Going a step beyond in recognising transformation success

Even in an environment with so many challenges we have seen examples of outstanding transformation projects. The upcoming Digital Transformation Awards will be a platform to recognise the contribution of those who have worked on such projects.

We are headline sponsors for the awards that will be held on 27 June 2023. The independent award programme will recognise and celebrate businesses, organisations, teams and individuals who have used digital technologies to improve business processes, customer experience and bring about cultural change. Participants can apply regardless of their location, size, or discipline. There will be a total of 14 awards and 10 judges.

So, what’s really different about it? We have seen industry recognition that’s largely focussed on business outcomes. However, the scope of transformation is now much more comprehensive –culture, the impact on underrepresented groups along with their involvement, and sustainability are key factors.

With this, the bar, without a doubt, is much higher for a successful transformation project. Still, these considerations are not widely visible in industry recognition. So, we have carefully designed the award categories to include cultural transformation and sustainable transformation. We hope to see the impact of transformation through a much broader lens.

The opportunity for participants

The awards is a platform for showcasing innovation and success among industry peers. Winning teams will have an opportunity to increase not just their profile but also of the wider business. Additionally, participants can network and gain knowledge of evolving approaches in different sectors.

So if there’s a transformation project you have worked on in the last 12 months that you would like to be recognised for, I would encourage you to apply.

You can find out more about the awards and submit your entry here. The last date for entries is 17th May 2023.