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KPMG and Microsoft are working together to bring the Viva employee experience to our leading customers worldwide and to deliver on our joint vision of optimal modern workplace in the employee’s flow of work.

The alliance combines Microsoft’s ground-breaking and trusted cloud technology with KPMG’s customer relationships, consultancy expertise and solutions to unlock the full potential of Viva for our customers.

Quite probably there has never been a time when HR has been under greater pressure to support workforce change than now. HR is challenged to meet changes such as managing workforce demographics and expectations, an often under-supplied talent pool and masses of unstructured workforce-related data. Additionally, this includes building and maintaining a strong, purpose-driven culture with focus on inclusion and diversity, pay and equality, and employee well-being.

So how might organisations address those ‘moments that matter’ to employees and shape their experience? The world of employee experience is complex and there are many employee scenarios that need to be dealt with. 

Employee productivity, wellbeing, and safe workplace strategies are now issues for everyone. IT, HR, Facilities, and Legal and Safety teams have banded together to focus on the Employee Experience, “Back to Work,” and “Future of Work” strategy - Josh Bersin

MS Viva has strengthened our workforce transformation offering for future clients, helping to enhance their employee experience offering.

The modern workplace is changing…

Employees demand seamless digital experiences and touchpoints with tech and systems in their organisations.

Organisations need to harmonise multiple systems, tools, support and development offerings into a convenient user experience.

Organisations need environments enabling remote/hybrid workforces with ease of access whenever to information, resources and colleagues.

Skills need to be constantly developed and adapted at pace. They need to be built seamlessly in the flow of work.

Viva can help businesses meet these challenges, bringing the right resources, insight, people, knowledge, and expertise to their fingertips, directly into the flow of their work.

Microsoft Viva builds on the power of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 to unify the employee experience across five key areas — Engagement, Wellbeing, Learning, Knowledge and Goals in an integrated experience that empowers people to be their best.

  • Viva Learning – Fully integrated, consolidation hub of learning material. 
    Accelerates skills and growth in an easy, personal way, making learning a natural part of every employee’s day and company culture.
  • Viva insights – Continuous metrics of current workforce activity and mentality.
    Provides recommended solutions with tangible actions to improve/strengthen organisation morale, wellbeing & productivity.
  • Viva connections – Interactive framework to deliver your intranet, tailored to different roles.
    Amplifies culture and communications, encouraging all employees to contribute.
  • Viva topics – Convenient curation and management of knowledge.
    Facilities easy knowledge sharing, reduces barriers for new starters and improves employee’s experience.
  • Viva goals – Highlighting objectives and key results.
    Drive further focus on prioritised work by bringing goals and check-ins into the tool where collaboration already exists.

But, without KPMG, our clients may not be able to configure & implement Microsoft Viva to its optimum to achieve the management information, enhanced employee experience and smooth change management that they strive for.

We believe that successful HR transformation is built on three capabilities with employee experience at the heart: behavioural change management, technology and HR transformation. So, to help our clients, we are going to introduce Viva as a key offering within our Powered HR portfolio.

Our next steps are to:

  • Align Powered methodology to Viva
  • Begin wider socialisation of Viva internally
  • Align Viva with our KPMG strategic priorities
  • Scope potential opportunities
  • Establish KPIs to measure success

We’ll continue to develop our Powered HR Viva proposition as MS continues to bring out further features and functionalities but what comes next is Powered by KPMG…

Find out more about Microsoft Viva here and learn more about KPMG Powered Enterprise | HR.