KPMG is the leading firm when it comes to professional risk management and financial advisory services. KPMG in Ukraine and our teams maintain a dedicated group of risk management professionals, offering up-to-date industry experience in international markets, including in Europe and the US. Their cutting-edge technical skills, in-depth local market knowledge, and regulatory insight helps companies mitigate financial risk.

Effective risk management has recently become one of the main concerns for businesses around the world. It is now clearer than ever that, in times of market instability, financial institutions need to have an effective risk management system in place to protect, grow, and add value to their business.

KPMG’s consultants in Ukraine use their extensive international experience and in-depth knowledge of the financial industry to meet the challenges of building and optimising processes for managing financial risk.

Our financial risk management services

KPMG provides a wide range of advisory services tailored to the specific needs of our clients, including:

  • Risk management solutions for banks, insurance companies, investment companies, corporate treasuries, and other participants of financial markets;
  • Regulatory advisory services related to current and prospective regulations and standards, including IFRS 9, NBU requirements, Basel II/III, etc.;
  • Risk model development and validation in line with leading industry practices for credit risk (PD, LGD, EAD, CVaR), market risk, operational risk, etc.;
  • Credit rating and credit scoring model development for both corporate and retail clients;
  • Financial risk managerial reporting and analytics, with support for Data Warehousing and BI development;
  • Economic capital framework development and optimisation, including risks measurement, aggregation, risk-based pricing, risk-based performance measurement, capital allocation, RAROC;
  • Development and documentation of internal capital and liquidity adequacy procedures (ICAAP, ILAAP);
  • Asset Liability Management and Treasury optimisation, including Balance Sheet optimisation, transfer pricing framework implementation, approaches to liquidity risk, interest rate risk in banking book (IRRBB), etc.;
  • Recovery and resolution plan development;
  • Credit portfolio analysis and practical recommendations on credit portfolio management;
  • Risk strategy, methodology and process development for all risk types;
  • Benchmarking and training sessions.