Integrated budgeting, management reporting and performance management

KPMG can help to align budgeting, forecasting and management reporting with strategic business goals by:

  • development a steering and performance management framework, operational key performance indicators aligned with strategic goals;
  • identifying and assessing budgeting, forecasting and management reporting processes inefficiencies and providing recommendations for process redesign, organizational alignment and technology enhancement and development a roadmap for change;
  • development of a target planning and reporting methodology and implementation of the methodology based on relevant IT solution.

Cost accounting and management

In today’s business environment, organizations need insight into the cost and related profitability of their products, customers, and their different activities.

Managers need accurate information into cost drivers to assess cost implications. Furthermore, potential cost optimization exercises need a solid, objective basis for benchmarking to start from.

The costing analysis results in a comprehensive database that can serve as a foundation for:

  • insight in and determination of the cost structure and profitability of services, markets and clients;
  • strategic decision making and outsourcing;
  • business process improvement;
  • benchmarking;
  • corporate performance measurement.

By combining practical experience with a solid academic background KPMG’s professionals can help to develop a cost management framework, methodology, models and improve cost management:

  • assessment of alignment of cost accounting methodology with strategic and operational goals;
  • providing recommendations for cost accounting processes and methodology redesign and development a roadmap for change;
  • development of a target cost allocation methodology, cost models and implementation based on relevant IT solution.