IFRS Trainings

IFRS Trainings

Implement IFRS today! The KPMG team of experts offers new knowledge for you and additional opportunities for your business.

Implement IFRS today! The KPMG team of experts offers new knowledge and opportunities.

IFRS Trainings

Our specialists at KPMG in Ukraine have developed specific IFRS courses. The trainings were designed using the best international practices and were tailored to local specifics.



  • Preliminary analysis of your needs
  • You will invest your time only in topics relevant for your business
  • You have an option to take either a full IFRS course or a specific part that you are interested in
  • Trainings are conducted by reputable trainers with an in-depth knowledge of your business specifics
  • IFRS are explained based on real business cases
  • For your convenience, we can organize the trainings at either KPMG office or your company’s premises
  • Trainings are conducted for:
    • shareholders and management
    • financial reporting personnel
    • functional business personnel


The following training formats are available:

1. Trainings for corporate groups tailored to individual needs of your company.

2. Regular IFRS trainings for specialists from different companies that require individual registration.


Benefits that you will receive:

  • Customized training course designed in accordance with your company’s business specifics.
  • Provision of training materials to your company’s personnel upon completion of the course.
  • Provision of consultations on IFRSs application within a 30-day period after training completion.


Why now?

  • More and more companies operate in several countries and, therefore, there is a need to apply International Financial Reporting Standards to harmonize Ukrainian and international accounting.
  • Recent changes in Ukrainian legislation extend the list of entities that are required to prepare financial statements in accordance with IFRS.   
  • IFRS is an important requirement for international financing markets.

Get ready for changes today! Attend IFRS trainings provided by KPMG leading experts and open new horizons for you and your business!

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