KPMG in Ukraine’s Progress Report 2021–2022 has been praised by the Association of Corporate Media of Ukraine in its "Best Corporate Media of Ukraine - 2023".

KPMG in Ukraine ranked second in the “Corporate Reporting” category as part of the ACMU’s "Best Corporate Media of Ukraine - 2023".

KPMG in Ukraine’s Progress Report 2021–2022 was hailed by the jury as being noteworthy "for the professional presentation of development dynamics, values, and sensibilities, and systematic strengthening of the industry leader’s reputation."

By sharing this Progress Report, KPMG in Ukraine continues to demonstrate the firm's path to achieving its global goals and commitments, maintaining its focus on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Every year, KPMG in Ukraine affirms its commitment to high performance standards in order to achieve sustainable development goals as part of the firm’s overall environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy. Regularly assessing practical results shows KPMG in Ukraine that it is on the right path to meeting these goals and helps determine directions for future development.

2023 saw KPMG in Ukraine publicly publish its Progress Report in full for the first time, sharing information about the firm's projects and activities in four key areas: Governance, People, Planet, and Prosperity.

The Progress Report also analyses KPMG in Ukraine’s corporate social responsibility activities through the lens of their impact on local communities and the environment, illustrating the firm’s awareness of how business decisions can affect people's lives and well-being.