The 'future of work' is inextricably linked to new technology and new employee skills, raising questions about further changes to the format of remote work, the development of corporate culture, and engagement and talent motivation. Alex Lutskiy, Founder and CEO of Innovecs, interviewed by Sergey Gasparyan, Partner, Head of Consumer Markets and Technology, KPMG in Ukraine.

What kind of new challenges do you encounter today? COVID-19 has given rise to additional challenges which prompted us to take new decisions. These challenges can be divided into two groups: first, the impact on customer attraction and co-operation, and second, employee relations.

The pandemic made offline meetings, the main way of conducting B2B business, impossible which led us to seek new solutions such as, for instance, building customer relations mainly through online educational and business events.

As regards the second group, i.e. talent scouting, today's overall shift to remote work has affected competition. We identified three key solutions to organise work: officebased for those whose presence in the office is critical to generating new ideas that help the company move forward; hot desking for those who feel it comfortable to come to the office two or three times a week; and, finally, remote work, which allows talent scouting around the globe.

What are the key success factors for selecting the best qualified candidates on the market? How do you select them?

What is today’s Unique Selling Proposition for a potential candidate? I don’t think there is a clear answer to this question; nobody knows it for sure. I believe there are two important factors. First, corporate culture. Rather than a specific project (projects can be similar), people often choose a company based on its culture and values, regardless of whether it is office-based or remote work.

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The future of work

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