How have companies' approaches to work organisation changed during the pandemic? Are there any successful cases that you can tell our readers about?

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the world toward digitalisation. The related lockdown and the need to comply with keeping social-distance requirements increased the role of telecoms. In general, this crisis has demonstrated the importance of the digital economy; based on access to fast, reliable, and stable Internet digital services. At the same time, the crisis revealed the importance of traditional communication between people.

Events across the world mean that we could predict that this quarantine will last for a long time, so it was clear that we would have to arrange our work in a way that would allow us to preserve the health of our team and ensure the efficiency of business processes. We decided to switch to a hybrid model of work: right from the first days of the quarantine, more than 80 percent of our employees have been working remotely.

I believe, and it is evident from the results of both the company and each individual unit, that Kyivstar managed to find a relevant response to the quarantine's challenges. We did this by working with our teams, maintaining non-stop communication, and supporting our people. To safeguard its integrity, the team should live in a single information field, move towards a common goal, and feel a certain level of protection and support from the company as a whole.

Oleksandr Komarov

Kyivstar’s HR department has arranged its activities in a way that enables us to organise the most efficient and comfortable environment possible for our colleagues who work remotely. We conducted surveys on remote work, people’s emotional state, and the technical conditions of their workplaces. The results of those surveys laid the foundation for the ‘NO STRESS’ programme, built on a specific communication platform, as well as the incorporation of professional support from our corporate psychologists(Kyivstar employees can consult a psychologist, make their situation ‘crystal clear’, and develop a plan to improve their emotional state).

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