KPMG Insight Academy offers trainings on the following topics:

IFRS are changing rapidly and it is important for those who use them to update their knowledge in a timely manner. Our trainings provide practical value as they cover current accounting recommendations and information regarding recently issued and frequently used standards. Participants will be offered professional interpretations as well as discussions with experts. All our coaches are IFRS practitioners and experts possessing the relevant knowledge supported by practical experience in solving complex and non-routine tasks.

KPMG specialists provide practical recommendations for preparation for tax inspection and nuances of tax accounting and legislation. The speakers present the most current litigation practice that can help businesses defend their interests in tax disputes.

Fraud and corruption investigation trainings in various areas of business processes will help you gain knowledge that will increase the effectiveness of internal investigations, increase your knowledge of fraud indicators and how to detect them, and solidify your knowledge while working with cases during trainings. Our experts have practical experience in investigations shared during the training.

Trainings are in Ukrainian and Russian. Corporate courses can be requested in English.

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