What will happen to your report

What will happen to your report

Upon receipt of your report appropriate initial action will be determined.

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Your report will be reviewed by the KPMG International Global Regulatory Compliance Manager who will determine the appropriate initial action. If your report concerns a member of Global Quality & Risk Management then you have the option to refer the report initially to a member of the KPMG International Office of General Counsel.

Many matters reported to the KPMG International hotline should be reported through KPMG member firm vehicles and investigated and resolved by the relevant member firm. If this is the case and it is possible to communicate with you (either through the ClearView Connects system or directly) you will generally be informed that the matter is being referred to a named individual in the member firm.

If it is not appropriate for the member firm to investigate the matter itself (for example where it concerns the senior leadership of the member firm) then the investigation will be conducted under the auspices of KPMG Global Quality and Risk Management and, where applicable, the KPMG International Office of General Counsel.

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