KPMG has a non-retaliation policy in respect of all individuals who make reports in good faith.

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It is KPMGI's policy to encourage people to report concerns (“raise their hand”) without fear of retaliation in accordance with applicable law and regulation. All member firms are prohibited from retaliating against individuals who "raise their hand" for good faith reporting.

Retaliation is a serious violation of our Global Code of Conduct. Any retaliation by a KPMG person is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

  • Suspension, lay-off, dismissal or equivalent measures;
  • Demotion or withholding of promotion;
  • Transfer of duties, change of location of place of work, reduction in wages, change in working hours;
  • Withholding of training;
  • A negative performance assessment or employment reference;
  • Imposition or administering of any disciplinary measure, reprimand, or other penalty, including a financial penalty;
  • Coercion, intimidation, harassment or ostracism;
  • Discrimination, disadvantageous or unfair treatment;
  • Failure to convert a temporary employment contract into a permanent one, where the worker had legitimate expectations that he or she would be offered permanent employment;
  • Failure to renew, or early termination of, a temporary employment contract;
  • Harm, including to the person’s reputation, particularly in social media, or financial loss, including loss of business and loss of income;
  • Blacklisting on the basis of a sector or industry-wide informal or formal agreement, which may entail that the person will not, in the future, find employment in the sector or industry;
  • Early termination; or
  • Psychiatric or medical referrals.

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