Kenneth Ryan

Managing Partner

Kenneth Ryan


I am happy that throughout the past 30 years so many great people have started their careers in the Firm. Some of them are now leaders in the Firm and others followed their dreams and became successful on their chosen life path. Seeing how many of those individuals enjoy remaining in contact with each other and the Firm itself is very satisfying.

Kenneth Ryan
Managing Partner

We have always focused on client experience. The only difference is that today we are doing it with the help of technology

We need the same mindset and skills as in the past

We still need to build trust with clients and exceed expectations when it comes to our deliverables. There is no doubt technology can help us do our business better.  When I started my career we didn’t have a lot of tech tools but we had to master them, just as today we need to master the use of the whole ecosystem of tech tools at our disposal. 

Being able to interpret data, generate insights and come up with valuable and comprehensive solutions as a team is key in our profession

Today we are virtually connected to the whole world and all the knowledge available there. What our clients need is our capacity to grasp questions they face and to provide solutions that help them move forward with their business.

Our ability to see and foresee our clients’ needs is key for delivering the client experience we are known for

We always align our work across service lines based on our clients’ needs as opposed to trying to fit those needs into some preexistent workflows. This is only possible when topic experts with different personalities, different work styles, different backgrounds can work together as one firm. This is our differentiator. 

Our team is helping to transform a 150 year-old profession every day

We are one of the best companies to work for in the world and we work with some of the most interesting clients all around the globe

We have always been very comfortable interpreting big amounts of numbers and finding practical and smart solutions. That’s why we always have a seat at the table when companies need to adapt to the ever-changing world. 

Every member of our team has a chance to make our company stronger

Our Partners have all been raised within KPMG. Some of them joined us right after school, others became part of our team mid-way through their career. Today, they are co-owners of our Firm. It’s great to see that we can support the growth of our company’s future leaders. Today, every member of our team can build their network and knowledge and talk to business leaders who are looking for solutions we are able to provide. Everyone of us has a chance to reinforce the trust that we already have. 

But it’s never just about the Firm

Being part of the community is very important to us. As a Firm, by 2030 we will reduce our carbon footprint by 50%. We have started this journey with WWF and have already planted our first orchard in Hlboke village. We are also active members of knowledge sharing at schools and universities. It makes me happy to see that we never place ourselves into the role of knowledge owners. We see ourselves more as a cog in a very complex machine - we share, discuss, listen and learn. 

Our Firm has ambitious growth plans

Today businesses are complex mixes of tech enabled systems that log and store data

That is true both for our clients and us. This evolution will continue. That’s why we really need to get the tech right. It’s not just about using tech as a tool to do our job. We are responsible for clients’ data we are given. So it’s about trust. 

Businesses are also a blend of individuals who are part of their team

Throughout the past decades dozens and dozens of individuals worked within KPMG and those who have left the company still want to stay in touch and work together when possible. Our internal culture is rooted in apprenticeship, personal connection, and empathy. This mix is something that seems to be leaving a mark on those who join us. Our future will be driven by this KPMG spirit. 

The amount and type of data being assured has broadened. So have the standards to assess them

Historically, companies worked with us to get an independent evaluation of their financial statements and to make sure their business is compliant with existing rules and regulations. Today, these rules and regulations are expanding significantly to keep companies’ environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) in check. It means that the impact of our work will grow as well. We are entering an era where we have to define our new, expanded, role. Our current and future team members will be essential for this transformation.