Attracting, motivating and retaining the best people is an aim for many organizations, with a fulfilled workforce as the ultimate goal. However recruiting and retaining top people isn’t straight forward. Attracting new talent has never been more competitive. Many organizations go to great lengths to secure the right person, knowing how important filling a pivotal role can be. From the recruitment process, through to employee benefits and executive compensation, nothing is left to chance.

How can we help you

At KPMG, we have tax professionals who can advise you on all aspects of employing and retaining talent, helping your employment strategy deliver value.

We provide advice and support on the delivery of employee benefits and rewards strategies, and can help you with your flexible benefits scheme. We also advise on all aspects of employee incentives and executive compensation, helping companies recruit, incentivise and retain the senior executives and key employees necessary to deliver business goals.

We don’t just focus on compliance, we take a wider view of reward and benefits and can work with you to help transform your employee offering.

The result? The best people for your organization. 

Our services cover the following areas:

Personal Income Tax Advisory and Compliance

KPMG's Personal Income Tax group doesn’t just focus solely on compliance and tax efficiencies, we also take a wider view of reward and benefits and can work with you, aiming to transform your employee offering – potentially leading to improved engagement, cost efficient benefits provision and a reward proposition tailored to what your organization needs.

Social and Health Insurance

Social and health insurance legislations bring certain complexities and challenges to employers and individual entrepreneurs which we seek to address in our advice to our clients. Monitoring the changing environment, we keep abreast of changes and can help you to comply with the rules in Slovakia, and using our KPMG network, also abroad.

Global Mobility Services

KPMG's GMS practice helps organizations to manage their globally mobile workforce and respond to the challenges and opportunities created by cross-border operations. As an international firm, we support more than 60,000 mobile employees/assignees in 800 organizations. In Slovakia, our team provides a single source of advisory and compliance experience covering all aspects of global mobility and international assignments. Our services range from major cost efficiency and risk reduction programs to the completion of tax returns. 

Preparation of personal income tax returns

Našim klientom ponúkame vypracovanie, prípadne kontrolu daňových priznaní k dani z príjmov fyzických osôb. V rámci prípravy daňového priznania bude našim cieľom oboznámiť vás s daňovými rizikami a príležitosťami vyplývajúcimi z našej práce a priblížiť Vám návrhy na ďalšie možnosti v oblasti prijatých postupov alebo plánovania. Zároveň Vám predložíme správu s identifikovanými pripočítateľnými a odpočítateľnými položkami, ako aj s výpočtom splatnej dane a preddavkov na daň.

Talk to our tax experts

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