When establishing or expanding a company's activity, entrepreneurs do not have to rely only on their own resources but can also turn to the state. The Slovak Republic has been supporting initial investments in projects in the industrial sector and in shared service/technology centers  through regional investment aid for several years as part of the program for increasing the competitiveness of less developed regions. Applicants for this aid must meet several conditions, submit an aid application (aid request) with detailed information about their project to the Slovak Ministry of the Economy and pass the approval process.

What is regional investment aid?

The Slovak Ministry of Economy provides investment aid for expenditure attributable to the setting up of the new establishment, expansion, diversification of production or fundamental change in production processes in industrial sector, technology centers (R&D) or business service centers (SSC). This aid is intended for both Slovak SME’s and large companies. The maximum amount of investment aid depends on the region in which the company plans to establish or expand its activities, and is provided in several forms: tax relief, cash grants, grants for newly created jobs or rent, or sale of real estate at a discounted price.

investment aid

How we can help

  • Identification of a suitable location for your investment project;
  • Presentation of the possibilities of investment aid and other aid schemes in Slovakia;
  • Preliminary analysis of the investment intention
  • Obtaining a non-binding opinion from the Slovak Ministry of Economy as to whether the investment project will be beneficial for the region in question (statutory condition);
  • Drafting the investment aid application (aid request);
  • Drafting notification to the European Commission if the investment aid request must be approved by the EC;
  • Comprehensive consulting and compliance services in the period after submission of the application (including tax and legal services)
  • Other services related to investment aid (registration in the register of public sector partners, audit verification of mandatory reports, etc.)

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