KPMG and Microsoft have announced a significant expansion of their global relationship that will reshape professional services across a number of business-critical areas including workforce modernization, safe and secure development, and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for clients, industries and society more broadly.

The collaboration will benefit KPMG firms’ core business areas of Audit, Tax and Advisory.

Data analytics, AI and Azure Cognitive Services will be infused into the audit process through the smart audit platform KPMG Clara, empowering audit professionals to focus more closely on higher-risk areas of the audit.

The integration of Azure OpenAI and Microsoft Fabric into KPMG Digital Gateway will give clients access to the full suite of KPMG Tax & Legal technologies, allowing them to gain more integrated and transparent access to their data and take a more holistic management approach to their tax functions.

Developing an AI-enabled application development and knowledge platform on Microsoft Azure will expedite the creation of specialized solutions for clients, helping to enhance their competitive advantage and profitability while putting ethics and security at the very core of the offerings.

KPMG professionals will work together with Microsoft to help support businesses with their ESG agendas. Building on the success of the KPMG Circularity Tracker and an ESG and climate data management and analytics solution, both of which have Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability and Microsoft Azure at their core, joint teams will continue to help clients to unify their data sources, leverage the required inputs to help make real-time value-add decisions, and help them to deliver on their sustainability commitments.

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