The fundamentals behind today’s audit standards were written 50 years ago-and yet the world has changed almost beyond recognition since. It just hasn’t been feasible to take all of an organization’s transactions across all divisions and analyze them. Sophisticated sampling techniques are applied to data prior to analysis. And this is fully fit for purpose. But our world is changing. Moment to moment. It stands to reason that our audit technology needs to continue to evolve. Today, our auditors can empower their judgment, experience, and skepticism with new technologies, data science, and sophisticated analysis.

That’s why we are launching our new smart audit platform – KPMG Clara. Automated, agile, intelligent and scalable, KPMG Clara allows our people to work smarter, bringing all of our powerful data & analytic capabilities into one interface. It will allow you to interact with us online, on a real-time basis as we conduct the audit, bringing you greater and more relevant insights. It is part of our commitment to maintaining and enhancing audit quality.*

We will be able to have more focused and targeted conversations with you about specific issues or exceptions– deepening the value of the audit you receive.

A quality audit is the cornerstone of our audit approach. As business evolves and technology advances, our relentless focus on audit quality remains unwavering. For more information on our commitment to audit quality please refer to KPMG International’s 2016 Transparency Report.

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