KPMG acted as the sell-side advisor and successfully led Slovak process mining company Minit through its acquisition by Microsoft.

Details of the transaction

Minit j.s.a.

Minit j.s.a. is a recognised leader in process mining for businesses with complex processes, helping them streamline operations, improve business performance, drive operational excellence and save costs. Minit was founded in 2017 by Rasťo Hlaváč and has raised over €10 million from global venture capital companies to date. The technology behind Minit’s solution was in development since 2013 and is continuously ranked among the leaders in the process mining field. The clients of Minit include large multinational corporations from across the globe.


Microsoft, (MSFT, Nasdaq) is an American multinational technology corporation headquatered in Washington. It focuses on the development of computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and as of 2022 it ranks as the third largest company in the world by market capitalization valued at over $2.2 trillion. Annual revenues topped $168 billion in 2021.

With the acquisition of Minit, Microsoft will strengthen its process mining capabilities. For more information, please visit Minit blog or Microsoft blog announcing the acquisition.


KPMG in Slovakia provided sell-side transaction management services throughout the transaction.