Businesses are now navigating a tougher business climate in a post-COVID world, such as increased competition and rising costs. In tandem, they are also keeping their eyes on how emerging trends, such as the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and acceleration of digitalisation, can change and shape the way they operate.

The transformative potential of AI has prompted companies to re-evaluate how they can harness this tool and integrate it into daily processes to deliver better outcomes for clients. According to the KPMG 2023 CEO Outlook report, 70 percent of global CEOs are making generative AI a top investment priority.

In our report this year, we uncover the sentiments behind the changing expectations, preferences and needs of consumers in Singapore, and how leading brands continue to excel even during continuous change and disruption. With the growing adoption of generative AI in the coming year, we also explore what this means for both companies and their customers, and how brands can use this to their advantage as they continue to strive for customer experience excellence.


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