Today, any company that isn’t challenging itself to regularly rethink its direction and respond to market shifts is putting itself at a disadvantage — and that includes its focus on customer-centricity.

Designing, developing and delivering orchestrated and connected customer experiences that lock onto customer needs, circumstances and preferences requires companies to have a deep understanding of their customer; a task more easily said than done.

Against this backdrop, how can companies gear their business to be present-focused and future-ready? In our Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) 2022 report, we see leading companies nurturing and connecting capabilities in organisation design and adapting customer journeys as their needs and desired outcomes change.

The Singapore report examines how industry players are making these adjustments. We’ve taken in the views of more than 1,556 consumers and 76 brands across 8 sectors, and we’ve identified some of the organisations that are leading the way forward.

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