The 2022 CEE report revealed three significant areas that companies are addressing to attract and retain customers amid a challenging macroeconomic landscape, and to become future-ready.

Dealing with
data meaningfully

Increasing digital adoption and online shopping channels have enabled companies to create a wealth of data about their customers. Harnessing and consolidating such data is key to identifying change and to an organisation's success.

Brand leaders in the non-grocery retail space leveraged real-time customer data, including purchase history and past interactions, to substantially enhance their mobile applications and improve the virtual shopping experience.

Looking inwards to
build outwards

Orchestration for better customer experience requires brands to first look inwards — reflecting on the state of their employee experience and designing the ideal future state, based on frameworks like the Six Pillars.

Creating more opportunities for cross-collaboration and establishing customer experience-related performance indicators across the entire organisation can help cultivate a customer-centric culture.

Keeping investments deliberate and targeted

Deliberate, targeted investments in CX initiatives are critical to strengthening customer journeys. With the tightening of budgets across most industries, leaders need to better quantify the potential financial gains from their investments.

For most brands, this does not necessarily entail the collection of new data or information, but rather the use of a strategic organisation of data to create and track KPIs that are effective in communicating CX value.

Achieving excellence in customer experience

To be leaders in customer experience (CX), brands will need to look internally, identifying key areas to work on, and evaluate how their customer experience will look like, considering the technology needed to help drive these ambitions.  

At KPMG in Singapore, we can support you in your journey by:

1. Assessing current CX maturity

Through our proprietary CX maturity framework, we can work with your internal stakeholders to uncover current ways of working in relation to customer experience. We will also assess your ability to continuously deliver consistent experiences with agility and flexibility.

2. Designing employee and customer experiences to meet your CX goals

Leveraging our Six Pillars framework, we can design your employee and customer experience taking into account key trends and best practices.

3. Strategising and implementing customer orchestration

At KPMG, we believe in the power of Connected Enterprises — a customer-centric, sector-specific approach to digital transformation. With Connected Enterprise, we can help you consolidate customer data across silos and activate it to support customer-led decisioning. Our customer relationship management tools and customer data platforms can help you manage interactions with your customers, identify next-best engagements based on ML-based models and support you in creating a single view of the customer.

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