The pandemic altered the way Singapore consumers interact with brands — moving to a mix of face-to-face interactions and digital touchpoints. This has given rise to three key customer personality types.


The experience seeker

Singapore customers are driven by experiential simulation.

Brands will need to cultivate new and unique experiences to keep them captivated and attracted, especially at physical touchpoints.

Brands can leverage this opportunity to differentiate their online and offline experiences, moving away from the traditional one-track approach of simply offering products and services available on both channels.

With international borders opening, the Singapore customer is now open to a world of new brands and experiences. To remain top of mind, local brands will need to peg customer experiences to global standards. 


The cautious customer

The effects of rising inflation are rippling across the globe, and the Singapore consumer is not immune.

Higher costs of living are dampening consumer purchasing power and buying intent. Geopolitical events have also placed upward pressure on global gas and oil prices, directly impacting Singapore businesses and consumers in the form of higher energy tariffs. Rent, labour and utility have increased in step. And the impending goods and services (GST) hike to 8% in 2023 will likely do little to fuel buying intent.

Against this backdrop of cautious buying and brand-switching, more organisations here are focusing on branding and partnerships to increase rewards incentives and improve loyalty programmmes.


The wellness-focused

In the wake of the pandemic, Singapore consumers are placing greater importance on personal wellness — be it physical, emotional or mental. Google searches for “mental health” doubled in Singapore in 2022 from the previous year.

With self-care a key focus, consumers are increasingly re-evaluating their relationship with brands through the lens of low effort, wellness and enabling a healthier lifestyle. Frictionless experiences — shorter purchase journeys, seamless return and refund policies — are no longer enough.

Brands have seized on this wellness opportunity. They are looking to integrate aspects of personal wellness in their customer proposition, even if they are not in the business of wellness.


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