In an increasingly competitive business landscape, businesses should find ways to display empathy in customer service to stand out from competitors. This requires anticipating the wants and needs of the customer at any given moment in their journey through friction-free, personalised experiences.

Addressing key drivers reshaping the customer experience, such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts, digital transformation and hyper-personalisation, can help brands capture and grow their market share.

As consumers become more conscious about their purchases, companies should make a conscious effort to align their values with environmental, social and corporate responsibility. They can demonstrate their commitment to shaping better businesses for a better world by trialling new sustainable initiatives.

In a digital-first era, the human touch still matters. KPMG’s Customer Experience Excellence 2022 report revealed that personalisation is the leading driver for brand advocacy and loyalty in Singapore.

There are myriad opportunities, even with the rise of digitalisation, to bring a personal touch to virtual platforms. The wealth of customer data made available by research, social media, live chats and analytics platforms offers a window into buying and browsing patterns and preferences. Such data piece together the profile of a person, enabling brands to tailor and customise their product offerings and services to suit consumers better.

In an interview with Asian Business Review, KPMG in Singapore’s Guillaume Sachet delves more into key trends and developments shaping customer experience and what businesses need to do to retain customer loyalty and trust

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