Getting a head start with generative AI in industrial manufacturing

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has enormous potential in manufacturing – to transform many routine tasks, such as production scheduling – and to speed the transition to “smart industrial” enterprises. These smart industrials are traditional manufacturing companies that not only use data and intelligent machinery on the factory floor, but also have developed smart products, built new business models (such as as-a-service) that rely on digital platforms, and are using technology to connect with customers, suppliers, and employees in new ways.

To understand their perspectives on generative artificial intelligence (AI), KPMG conducted two surveys of US executives across industries: the first in March, 2023 and a follow-up in June, 2023. The survey report sheds light on emerging trends in the use of generative AI in business, including both the opportunities and threats these executives believe generative AI has created.

This report reveals some interesting insights, including the paradox that while industrial manufacturing executives believe more than others that generative AI will have the biggest impact on society, they are the least likely to make it a priority for themselves—perhaps creating a competitive advantage for those willing to take the plunge. The report looks at the opportunities generative AI may offer industrial manufacturers, the hurdles they face, as well as practical tips about how to get started with this revolutionary technology.

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