Generative AI in consumer and retail: Driving business success

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is a potential game changer for the consumer and retail sector. To better understand how leaders are responding to this incredibly disruptive technology, we surveyed 300 executives from across geographies and industries, including consumer and retail. The results shed light not only on the expectations consumer and retail executives have for generative AI, but also on the hurdles they face when approaching it.

Far more than in other sectors, the focus in consumer and retail is currently on its uses in marketing and sales, including creating more personalised recommendations for consumers and better trend analysis for inventory management. But that’s only the start. The survey also reveals several other applications where consumer and retail executives are placing their generative AI focus.

Our survey report also offers insights from KPMG advisory professionals in artificial intelligence, technology enablement, strategy, and risk management. They lay out five key actions they believe you should be taking right now to jumpstart your company’s generative AI agenda. They share thoughts on how you can responsibly integrate generative AI to empower employees, work smarter, and compete better—and seize the advantage that this amazing technology can offer.

Download the 2023 KPMG Generative AI Survey overview report and discover how KPMG can help you accelerate the value of generative AI—responsibly and confidently.

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