Effective risk management has always been a pre-requisite for accelerating organisational growth. But in a world inundated with geopolitical unrest, escalating climate threats and evolving regulatory requirements, the role of Chief Risk Officers (CROs) in helping to build resilient, risk-aware cultures has never been more critical. 

As new challenges emerge, the impetus for assessing and mitigating competitive, regulatory and technological threats is expected to gain momentum. Understanding the complexity of potential risk factors and adopting dynamic new solutions can inspire positive change in productivity and profitability as companies navigate the new economy. 

In this report, we surveyed 50 banks across the world to understand their risk function’s resource endowment resources and examine the strategies embraced to spur overall efficiency. We also spoke to CROs and key decision-makers to analyse key areas of focus that will drive the future of the risk function. 

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