Today, the EU commission announced the second round of the Platform on Sustainable Finance and we are proud to report that KPMG’s Sustainability Expert Marie Baumgarts will join this advisory body, subject to the Commission’s horizontal rules for expert groups. Marie will, in her role as Partner and Sustainability Expert at KPMG, represent the common interest of the industry connected to advisory and assurance.

KPMG Sustainability expert Marie Baumgarts joins EU’s Platform on Sustainability Finance

It’s a great honor and I humbly accept the assignment. We work with these very important topics every day – it is our mission – and I see it as a team effort where everyone is needed. All contributions, particularly those connected to usability, implementation and assurance by advisors and auditors, will help the Platform fulfil its mission. The Platform has the mandate to advise the Commission regarding the consolidation and completion of the EU sustainable finance framework and EU Taxonomy, in line with the second mandate of the Platform. We all need to contribute, not only for sustainable finance – but for future generations and a sustainable society as a whole, comments Marie Baumgarts, Partner and Sustainability Expert at KPMG.

Marie Baumgarts
Partner and Sustainability Expert
KPMG Sweden

The full list of the 28 selected members and additional information, can be found here:

Platform on Sustainable Finance