On 14 March 2020, The Ministry for Foreign Affairs implemented a recommendation to advice against non necessary travels to all countries in the world due to the global pandemic. It was a unique decision and the first time such a decision was taken that affects the whole world. 

Since then, the advice has been adjusted and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has lifted the advice to several countries as the situation concerning the pandemic has improved. This will on 1 October 2021 be lifted for all countries in the world.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the recommendation to avoid travelling to certain countries may remain due to other circumstances. This is usually due to the general security situation in the country

KPMG has via our global network compiled information regarding restrictions. Information can be accessed via our immigration tracker

KPMG comment

  • It is very important to keep in mind that there are still various other restrictions for travelers.
  • Restrictions on face masks, PCR tests or vaccine passes are still in place.
  • It is very important to stay up to date on what applies to travels as the situation is still changing rapidly.
  • The risk of traveling without staying informed about what applies may lead to that employees cannot travel back according to plan due to rules regarding quarantine. Furthermore, there is also a risk of not being allowed to enter the country if, for example a certificate of vaccination or a negative PCR test can’t be presented.
  • Should the situation change it is also important to note that the decision can be changed. If a trip is carried out even though the Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against it terms and conditions of any travel insurance is usually affected. Therefore, we strongly recommend reviewing the same.. 

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