Descoperiți experții KPMG în România și accesați cu ușurință conținutul lor.

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  • Teodora Alecu

    Teodora Alecu: Director, Transfer Pricing Services and Head of the Pharma & Healthcare Sector

    Teodora is Director of Transfer Pricing Services and Head of the Pharma & Healthcare Sector in KPMG in Romania

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  • Mona Banu

    Mona Banu: Senior Managing Associate, KPMG Legal - Toncescu si Asociatii

    Experienced in advising clients, both foreign and domestic, in European and national competition law combining economic and legal analysis.

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  • Adela Ciucioi

    Adela Ciucioi: Partner, Deputy Head of Audit, Head of Technology, Media and Telecom

    Adela is leading our clients across the TMT sector in digital innovation, revenue growth and operational excellence, audits and more.

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  • Călin Dragoman

    Călin Dragoman: Senior Managing Associate,

    Senior Managing Associate, KPMG Legal - Toncescu și Asociații

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  • Gunay Duagi

    Gunay Duagi: Managing Associate, KPMG Legal - Toncescu si Asociatii.

    Managing Associate, KPMG Legal - Toncescu si Asociatii.

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  • Ori Efraim

    Ori Efraim: Partner, Audit & Assurance Partner, Head of Real Estate; Israeli Desk & China Practice in Romania/CEE

    Ori manages our Israeli Desk in KPMG in Romania's Audit Department. He is also heading up our real-estate line of business.

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  • Cezar Furtună

    Cezar Furtună: Partner, Head of Audit & Assurance

    With a significant experience in KPMG's Banking and Financial audit and advisory practices, Cezar is well known and respected.

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  • Diana Hadar

    Diana Hadăr: Director, Tax

    Tax Director, KPMG in Romania.

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  • Victor Iancu

    Victor Iancu: Associate Partner, Advisory, Strategy & Experience Design

    With more than 15 years of business consulting experience, Victor is currently leading the delivery of Customer Experience (CX) analysis and design

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  • Daniel Jinga

    Daniel Jinga: Director, People services

    Director, People Services, KPMG în România

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  • Ramona Jurubiță

    Ramona Jurubiță: Partner, Country Managing Partner KPMG in Romania & Moldova

    Ramona coordinates the governance and strategy of the firm and represents the interests of the KPMG group of firms.

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  • Angela Manolache

    Angela Manolache: Partner, Head of Financial services

    Angela is leading the Financial Services practice and is advising clients on topics including risk, regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

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  • Robert Maxim

    Robert Maxim: Board Member, KPMG in Romania

    Robert has considerable experience of offering consultancy services to the Romanian market.

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  • Nicoleta Mihai

    Nicoleta Mihai: Associate Partner, Head of Restructuring & Insolvency

    Nicoleta has over 20 years of experience in consultancy services, civil law and financial and operational restructuring services.

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  • Alexandru Mocănescu

    Alexandru Mocănescu: Partner, KPMG Legal - Toncescu și Asociațiii

    Alexandru (Alex) Mocănescu is a Partner and Head of the Real Estate Practice in the KPMG Legal Romania. Alexandru has worked for more than 12 years in prestigious law firms, in a number of practice areas, respectively competition law, litigation, energy and real estate – the latter becoming his main practice area.

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  • Ionuț Măstăcăneanu

    Ionuț Măstăcăneanu: Director, Tax Financial Services

    Director, Tax Financial Services

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  • Alin Negrescu

    Alin Negrescu: Partner, Tax, Head of Automotive and Industrial Markets

    Alin has extensive experience in tax advisory services and currently leads the Indirect Tax practice at KPMG in Romania. He is Head of Automotive and Industrial Markets at KPMG in Romania.

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  • Daniel Pană

    Daniel Pană: Partner, Tax

    Daniel specializes in corporate direct taxation (including corporate income tax, withholding tax, and local taxes), with a focus on Deals.

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  • Vlad has more than 19 years of legal practice, with extensive expertise in litigation & arbitration, insolvency procedures, fraud investigation

    Vlad Peligrad: Author, Partner KPMG Legal - Toncescu si Asociatii

    Vlad has more than 19 years of legal practice, with extensive expertise in litigation & arbitration, insolvency procedures, fraud investigation

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  • Richard Perrin

    Richard Perrin: Partner, Advisory

    Richard joined KPMG in Romania in 2005 and has gained significant experience in audit and financial advisory services.

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  • Simona Podgoreanu

    Simona Podgoreanu: Director, People, Performance & Culture

    Director, People, Performance & Culture

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  • Ovidiu Popescu

    Ovidiu Popescu: Director, Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change

    Finance professional with more than 17 years of experience. Expertise in Energy and Natural Resources advisory projects.

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  • Madalina racovitan

    Mădălina Racovițan: Partner, Head of People Services

    Mădălina heads the firm’s People Services practice, which combines the work of Global Mobility, Payroll Outsourcing, Employment Law and Human Resources Advisory.

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  • Cristian Radu

    Cristian Radu: Senior Managing Associate, KPMG Legal - Toncescu si Asociatii

    Cristian Radu is a highly experienced lawyer, with over thirteen years of experience and an impressive track record

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  • René Schöb

    René Schöb: Partner, Head of Tax & Legal

    René advises clients on the complex and frequently changing fiscal environment

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  • Roxana Suciu

    Roxana Suciu: Senior Manager, ESG Advisory

    Senior Manager, ESG Advisory services

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  • Laura Toncescu

    Laura Toncescu: Partner, Head of KPMG Legal

    Laura, Partner KPMG, Head of KPMG Legal, has extensive experience in legal services, mainly dedicated to the financial services sector.

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  • Gabriel Tănase

    Gabriel Tănase: Partner, Technology & Cyber Security

    Partner, Technology & Cyber Security

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  • Andreea Ungureanu

    Andreea Ungureanu: Manager, Strategy & Experience Design

    Strategy & Experience Design Manager

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  • Ioana Urse

    Ioana Urse: Manager, Tax, Transfer Pricing

    Tax Manager, Transfer Pricing

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  • Cristina Vasilescu

    Cristina Vasilescu: Director, Tax, Transfer Pricing

    Tax Director, Transfer Pricing

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  • Andreea Vasilescu

    Andreea Vasilescu: Partner, Audit, Head of Energy & Natural Resouces

    Andreea, Audit Partner, has been with KPMG in Romania since 2002.

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  • Gheorghe Vlad

    Gheorghe Vlad: Director, Cyber

    Director, Cyber, at KPMG in Romania

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  • Bogdan Vaduva

    Bogdan Văduva: Partner, Deputy Head of Advisory

    Bogdan specializes in corporate finance consultancy with a focus on Energy and Utilities, Oil and Gas as well as Transportation/Infrastructure.

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  • Inga Țîgai

    Inga Țîgai: Partner, Head of Tax & Legal Technology

    Inga brings considerable experience in supporting the Romanian Tax Authorities with the development of new technology and with improving the tax landscape to better serve taxpayers.

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