KPMG's ESG Current State and Maturity Assessment services provide organizations with a comprehensive analysis of theirESG practices, offering a clear understanding of their present position and future potential. Our expert consultants conduct a thorough evaluation of the organization's ESG policies, processes, and performance, considering global best practices and industry benchmarks. Through this assessment, we help businesses identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in their ESG framework, offering strategic insights for improvement.

Benchmarking against industry peers and leading practices allows organizations to gauge their ESG maturity relative to the broader landscape. This comparative analysis not only highlights areas for enhancement but also positions businesses to set realistic and ambitious ESG goals.

KPMG's approach is tailored to the unique needs of each organization, providing a roadmap for advancing ESG maturity. Whether it's enhancing governance structures, refining sustainability reporting, or implementing socially responsible practices, our ESG Current State and Maturity Assessment services empower organizations to navigate their ESG journey with clarity and purpose. This holistic evaluation lays the foundation for informed decision-making, ensuring that businesses can align their ESG initiatives with industry benchmarks and global standards for long-term sustainability and resilience.

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