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KPMG's ESG Assurance services are designed to provide organizations and stakeholders with confidence in the accuracy, reliability, and transparency of their ESG reporting. Our assurance approach involves an independent and thorough examination of the organization's ESG data, processes, and systems.

Key components of KPMG's ESG Assurance services include:

  • Data Verification: We verify the accuracy and completeness of ESG data, ensuring that it aligns with reporting standards and reflects the organization's actual performance.
  • Compliance Assurance: KPMG assesses the organization's adherence to relevant ESG regulations and reporting frameworks, offering assurance that the company is meeting compliance requirements. 
  • Process Evaluation: KPMG reviews the internal processes and controls in place for collecting, managing, and reporting ESG data, ensuring the reliability and integrity of the information.
  • Customized Assurance Solutions: Recognizing that organizations have unique ESG profiles, KPMG tailors assurance services to meet specific needs, whether related to carbon emissions, social impact, or governance practices.

KPMG's ESG Assurance services go beyond compliance, providing organizations with actionable insights to enhance their ESG performance and reporting. By undergoing a rigorous assurance process, businesses can build trust with stakeholders, including investors, regulators, and the public, and demonstrate a commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices in an increasingly ESG-focused world.

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