Sapphirus KYC/CDD solution is KPMG’s innovative response to keep up with compliance whilst reducing costs with KYC/ CDD.

Sapphirus is KPMG next generation end-to-end digital KYC/CDD solution to the growing scrutiny of regulators. It streamlines compliance KYC policies through automation, resulting in faster, safer and significantly more cost-effective processes. The demand or need comes essentially from regulatory scrutiny for compliance and not from a competitive advantage from other competitors.

Always keeping in mind the ability of KPMG to deliver better and innovative services to our customers, Sapphirus solution emerged out of the need of the growing number of companies that interact with their customers, almost exclusively online, and are burdened with manual intensive processes and extremely high financial crime compliance.

Growing regulatory demands are an increasing obstacle for organizations striving to comply with AML legislation. Inadequate KYC processes burden compliance teams with slow, disorganized, highly inefficient time-consuming and expensive procedures:

Sapphirus KYC | a KYC/CDD automation platform for perpetual customer review

Sapphirus KYC is an end-to-end KYC/CDD automation platform for customer onboarding, remediation and continuous KYC, ensuring faster, more secure and highly cost-efficient compliance processes.

A versatile single platform designed for multi-purposes. Easily customizable to specific needs and use-cases. Truly unique!

Sapphirus takes automation to an unprecedented level.

No more backlogs

Continuous data inserting/retrieving from various sources and automatically triggers immediate remediation if needed.

Onboarding Improved

A straightforward, reliable, and cost-efficient compliance process strengthens customer relations.

Ongoing KYC/CDD

As a scalable data-centric platform, it operates continuously, updating case file whenever data changes and applying KYC review protocols in real-time, offering prompt feedback when needed.

For successful results

Sapphirus' automation coverage not only increases efficiency, but also increases the quality of due diligence

+40% reduction in the cost of operations teams involved in KYC/CDD

+ 60% reduction in handling time for KYC/CDD processes

3 times scaling of diligence execution volumes

Higher KYC/CDD compliance quality

Sapphirus cutting-edge technology. Crystal clear advantages.

60% Slash KYC Compliance and handling costs

60% Slash KYC Compliance and handling costs

Avoid compliance issues by accessing real-time global sanctions lists. As it speeds up the process, reduces the need for manual checks, saving time and resources.

Elevate Compliance Standards

Elevate Compliance Standards

Market’s most advanced automation platform to maintain audit data and ensure top-quality compliance standards.

Seamless digital customer experience

Seamless digital customer experience

Ensures smooth and effortlessly onboarding, directly impacting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Automatic real-time updates

Automatic real-time updates

Automates data extraction/verification and ongoing monitoring for policy changes or alerts to detect fraud.

Flexible System integration

Flexible System integration

Allows full integration with other systems and fintech solutions, simplifying workflow and enhancing productivity

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