KPMG in Universities

KPMG in Universities

We believe that we can find the best talent at universities.

We believe that we can find the best talent at universities.


Our recruitment process starts at universities, where it is possible to identify the talent of our future professionals from an early age.

That is why we work actively to create and maintain a very close relationship with the most varied universities in our country, in order to get closer and closer to students and to minimize the distance between the business reality and the university world.

Throughout each academic year, we perform several activities and events with our students.

Outdoor activities:

  • Career Fairs

KPMG frequently participates in job fairs that take place in the main colleges in the country. Our intention is to make our brand known, but also present the opportunities that we have open in the several business areas of KPMG.

We always have the presence of professionals from our Human Resources team, as well as teams from the business area. In this way, you can learn more about our recruitment process, our job opportunities and programs, but also know what we expect from the people who are part of KPMG. You’ll have the opportunity to ask more technical questions to our business professionals as well as talk about the daily work in the company.

  • Technical and Soft Skills Workshops

KPMG joins several colleges to conduct technical and soft skills workshops. We like to develop these types of initiatives, considering our professional and organizational experience, which allow us to share ideas, knowledge, values, tips and experiences with the students. The aim of the workshops is to pass information about a specific technical or behavioral area and to give students access to information and coaching to develop certain skills. Attending these workshops gives you the opportunity to develop both important soft skills in the job market and other levels of your life, as well as technical knowledge that will certainly be an asset for your professional future.

  • Hackathons

Hackatons are technological competitions where several students meet for hours or even days in order to discover technological language and to share ideas and knowledge. There are several events of this type in which KPMG attends as a partner.

  • Master Program

This program is based on the assumption of complementarity between your theoretical knowledge and the choice of topics that contribute to the discussion of impacting variables that mark the timeliness of the different KPMG business lines.

In this way, we offer you the possibility to prepare the Master's Thesis side by side with the reality of one of the most recognized companies at national and international level in its sector of activity.

This experience will not only provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our business practices, but also give you the opportunity to effectively contribute with innovative ideas that help our professionals to face the challenges they face on a daily basis.

- Ambassadors Programme

The ambassador programme is a curricular enrichment project, which will allow you to acquire in-depth knowledge about the business areas of a large consultant, as well as the way in which our business activity is structured.

KPMG is looking for creative people with the capacity to innovate and who believe they can take our company across borders within their academic community.

During this experience you will develop relevant skills for your future as well as expand your professional network.

Indoor activities:

  • Summer Internship

If the end of your academic journey is not yet a short-term plan, but you would like to know what may become your reality in a professional context, our Summer Internship Program was designed for you.

During four weeks, in July, the different business areas of KPMG – Audit, Tax and Advisory – integrate dozens of young talents who are also attending their Bachelor's or Master's degrees, in a project team.

You will actively follow the day-to-day of our consultants, contributing with your skills to the development of current projects. We believe that this opportunity provides a practical experience in a real work context, integrated in a team with a collaborative spirit.

  • Open days

We open the doors of our office throughout the year to let you know our areas, our people and our day-to-day activities. In addition to a visit to our facilities, experiences are shared and there is the possibility to ask specific, technical or life style questions. It is an opportunity to experience what our culture is and interact with our professionals.

  • Tax labs

In partnership with Faculdade de Direito of Universidade Católica Portuguesa, KPMG develops an annual experience aimed at law students. The objective is that for two months you can integrate our Tax area, combining your class schedule with your new routine in our teams. Stay tuned for communications from your college career office.

  • Spring Week

Spring Week lasts for five working days and occurs during the Easter vacation period. For a week you will have the opportunity to experience our culture and discover what it is like to work at KPMG. The goal is for you to have contact with what may become your reality in the future. Meet one of our teams and feel for a week what it means to be part of the KPMG family.

  • Academic internships

In our academic internships, you will be integrated into a project team and will have the opportunity to take an active role in it. This experience is a path of learning and challenges, which will help to develop key skills for the rest of your professional career. If you want your internship to be a challenging experience and you would like to develop your skills in one of our areas of expertise, then you are in the right place.

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