Companies across the globe are grappling with complex challenges surrounding growing demands for faster, more agile service delivery, improved employee experience, and changing service delivery environments across the front, middle and back-office functions.

KPMG professionals, along with ServiceNow can help to automate, modernize and consolidate your processes by creating visibility, integration and automation across your technology solutions and infrastructure for truly Digital process execution. Working together we can help improve efficiency, reduce costs and unlock productivity, while enabling the flexibility needed to meet your evolving needs.

KPMG and ServiceNow combine leading technologies, industry expertise, and intelligent design to help make your organization digitally savvy, interconnected, and easy to navigate.

Together, our teams can increase organizational transparency and collaborate to forge intelligent strategies that enhance your investments, create great experiences, and unleash modern advancements to transform your business for today and tomorrow.

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Intuitive, agile and smart enterprise applications

Jens Rassloff and Chris Pope, Global VP of Innovation at ServiceNow, discuss the digitization of critical workflows and the need for enterprise applications to be intuitive, agile, and smart.

Leveraging data and technology to transform healthcare

KPMG is recognized as ServiceNow’s Global Industry Solutions – Healthcare Partner of the Year.

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