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The call for applications from large enterprises under A2.1.1 measure was scheduled for the turn of Q2 and Q3 2023. As an implementation of the National Recovery Plan, the call is intended for investments supporting robotization and digitization in enterprises. The total funding available under this measure exceeds PLN 1 billion (approx. EUR 219 million).


Funding will be provided to large enterprises so they can ensure sufficient level of business digitization and robotization to boost productivity, improve working conditions and workplace security, as well as enable technological and organizational change of the enterprise, covering integration of production and sales chains, introduction of new business models, along with product and service digitization. The planned minimum value of a co-funded project is PLN 8 million.

Project examples

To become eligible for support, the project cannot start before submitting the application for funding and end after 30 June 2026. Projects may cover, for example:

  • creation of smart factories and smart production lines;
  • transition towards Industry 4.0, with special focus on robotization and operational technologies;
  • implementation of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications use of the Internet of Things (IoT), including advanced methods of information processing;
  • introduction of advanced solutions enabling digital transition, including digitization of business (management, operational, and auxiliary) processes and digitization of other economic activities, e.g., in the area of ​​the supply chain or services provided;
  • creation of knowledge digital platforms, including client-dedicated online service platforms and integration of existing knowledge systems;
  • application of cloud technologies and artificial intelligence in integration and management of manufacturing and business processes, while ensuring a high level of security of the implemented solutions;
  • integration of separate elements of business processes to engage suppliers and customers in manufacturing, sales and distribution;
  • deployment of new digital technologies to steer transition towards reduction of emissions (with particular regard to greenhouse gases), use of natural resources, and environmental impact;
  • implementation of dedicated systems that automate processes in the area of ​​digital security with the use of cloud technologies and artificial intelligence, activities aimed at increasing security of end-user devices and aimed at automating the management processes of these devices, as well as projects aimed at automating training related to data and information security, conducting regular tests of the organization's cyber-resilience, and increasing data processing capacity;
  • implementation of digital workplaces, inter alia, through introduction of modern communications, group work, and remote work using AI and automation of processes related to performing work duties.

Forms of support

Support will be granted  in the form of non-refundable subsidies covering from 20% to 50% of eligible project costs, depending on the project location (in line with the Regional Aid map 2022-2027, which brings supplementary requirements for projects situated in Dolnośląskie, Wielkopolskie, and part of Mazowieckie regions).

Eligible entities

Large enterprises, i.e., entities employing over 250 people with annual turnover exceeding EUR 50 million or annual balance sheet total above EUR 43 million.


The call for application was scheduled for announcement for Q2 2023 and for launch for Q2/Q3 2023. Entities interested in obtaining support should immediately start working on developing concepts for projects planned to be submitted as part of applications for funding. It must be kept in mind that only projects that have not started before submitting the application for co-financing are eligible for support. 

How can we assist you?

KPMG experts from the Innovation, Grants & Incentives group possess vast experience in advising on the effective acquisition of financial support in the form of grants, incentives, and subsidies.

Our team will help you prepare the project, from the initial concept stage, through the preparation of the application for co-financing, the evaluation stage, to the correct settlement of the incurred expenses.