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Transport and its related infrastructure is of huge importance to the Polish economy.  Transport companies in our region have diverse operations and are facing numerous business and regulation issues.  To assist in this regard, our TSL practice offers broad business advisory services, which provide our clients with in-depth views and sound approaches.

Transport faces an intensely competitive environment in which market consolidation and the merging of public and private sectors have become critical issues. At the business level, operators must tackle such issues as globalization, consolidation, the spiralling complexity of information technology, pressures on profitability, surplus capacity, and increasing government regulation and interference.

We understand the financial and operational drivers of the transport sector and can assist our firms' clients in dealing with current and emerging issues such as market consolidation, deregulation, public private partnerships and financing.

As transport business advisors, KPMG professionals offer a full range of knowledge and experience in:

  • Aviation (airports, airlines and airline services)
  • Shipping and ports
  • Land transport (heavy and light rail, coach, bus and transit)
  • Road freight and logistics (including mail services).