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Business visits and tourism

Non‐restricted nationals may generally enter the Philippines visa‐free for 30 days. These individuals are allowed to attend business meetings and seminars, make site visits to client facilities or explore business opportunities in the Philippines. If a longer stay is required, a visa waiver and a 9(a) temporary visitor visa may be obtained.

Short‐term work

Individuals who intend to work as a consultant for a period of up to six months are required to obtain a temporary visitor visa and a Special Work Permit.

Long‐term work

Individuals who intend to engage in gainful employment are required to obtain an Alien Employment Permit and an employment visa. Employment visa types vary depending on the registration of the sponsoring Philippine company.

Other permanent residency visas

There are investment and retirement visa options that allow permanent residency in the Philippines. Our Global Mobility Services team can help you determine which type of visa is most suitable for your needs.

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